What Are The Legal And Ethical Issues In Retailing?


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There can be a variety of ethical and legal issues regarding retailing, some of which are as under:
- Illegal use of brand name - A retailer must obtain proper confirmation from the parent company for selling a specific brand name.
- Large retailers can impose their unfair terms on the suppliers, which is unethical
- Retailers can charge undue profit margins on sale of brands without conveying the profits to the company, harming the interest of the manufacturer as well as the customer, which is illegal.
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The legal issues will vary according to what country you are in. For example. In the UK you can get a clear set of legal guidelines. You can find out more by putting the key words 'retail law' plus the name of your country in a search engine. Ethical issues are more general and would include things like not getting supplies from an unethical source, being honest with the customer etc.

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