What Are The Ethical Issues With Using Emotion?


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Is it ethical for a woman to cry in order to get her way? If a man crys why is he viewed as being a sissy? Ethic's relate to what is right and what is wrong and the issues and manner of making a decision on that basis. If subversive techniques are used in order to get what is desired then the decision is not based on facts and facts alone. As such, if someone is acting in a manner that is plying on an emotional response then technically their desire must have flaws otherwise why use such a deceptive technique. All issues should be decided on facts and the related issues not on the emotions that they may stir. Emotions are irrational and non-subjective and cannot be trusted. People cry when they are sad. People cry when they are happy. People love each other so much they marry. People hate each other so much they divorce. The act of emotion can not be used as a basis of judgment since the emotion itself can be misinterpreted.

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