What Are The Computer Related Ethical Issues?


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Computer-Related Ethical Issues:

The major issues that people face when working with information system generally fall into four main categories: privacy, accuracy, property, and access.

Privacy concerns collection and the use (or misuse) of data about individuals, which are collected and stored in a computer system. Most Americans feel that they should not have to divulge personal information, and that personal information should be treated confidentially. In Japan, where the culture emphasizes the group rather than the individual, there is much less concern about privacy.

As organizations rely more on information in computerized databases and monitoring/control system, the potential for individuals to be harmed by inaccurate data increases. Horror stories are told about individuals who were victimized because of inaccurate data in databases. Incorrect data in credit history files have caused many people to be denied credit.

The widespread existence of electronic information on different media makes property right for information and software a difficult legal and ethical question. Intellectual property law is now a specialty in the legal profession because intellectual property (such as a programmer's design or code for a new application) is different from other fro of property.

The issue of access concerns the ability of individuals to gain entry to information systems and the information that they hold. It involves the extent of access individuals should have to information

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