What Are Legal Issues In Business Communication?


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There are a number of legal issues involved in business communication, particularly with the advances in modern technology. While technology provides the means to increase efficiency and productivity, it also increases legal concerns within a business about the interception of data and storage of communications. Three of the main legal issues concerned with business communication are attorney-client privilege, VOIP and transient electromagnetic pulse emanation standard.

• Attorney-Client Privilege. There is a legal issue regarding the attorney client privilege within businesses. The problems arise when considering who holds the privileges for the business and what communications are considered as privileges. To outside attorneys, it is legal business communications who possess the privilege. However, to in house attorneys, the extent to which they have any privileges is unclear.
• VOIP.  Voice Over Internet Protocol is now used in many businesses as an alternative to the telephone. These services allow businesses to carry out conference calls with video, as well as having the option to share files or even share images of what is on their computer screens. The legal issue that is concerned with VOIP is how the audio file of the meeting is saved afterwards. There is no law that states that telephone conversations need to be recorded and the legal issues concerned with storing VOIP conversations is another one that remains unclear.
• Transient Electromagnetic Pulse Emanation Standard (TEPES). This device allows governments to gain access to computer screen data without the need of a warrant or wiretrap. The information that is not on the screen is not technically considered as communication so there is no law to stop the intercepting occurring without permission.

These are just three of the legal issues that are concerned with business communications. As communication technology develops, the laws do not necessary keep up to date. This causes confusion as the details about what is legal and what is not is unclear.
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Invasion of privacy refers to a person right to keep his or her life private and free from the intrusion of others. Public disclosure of private information. Every person has the expectation that the personal work area should be free from invasion by others. In an working environment if employees got any health related problems , then  it should not be publicized (personal disabilities factor) should be avoided. Personal Identity , Private facts, employee records performance and salary records should not be disclosed.Discrimination, harasement ,plagiarism, all are un ethical issues.
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Defamation, libel & publication
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Business Communication is a kind of communication which is used by a company for the promotion of its products, services or organization itself. It is also used to relay information within and outside the organization as well as to deal with the legal and public issues.

It is very important for the organization since it holds legal value. Any communication done by the company must be according to the laws of that country so that they company remains safe. Anything that is not acceptable to the law could create problems for the company.

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