What Is Ethical Factors?


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Ethical behavior is mainly influenced by various factors in a particular community. Some of these factors are as follows:
1. The norms of the community. The rules of a community usually controls how one should behave in a community in order to fit appropriately within the community.  
2.The growth process of a person . Some times the way a person is nurtured also affects his or her state of mind towards the community.When a child is brought up in a very hostile way towards society he or she will find it very difficult to behave positively ethical in that society.
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Ethical factors or issues are points to do with the moral aspects of, for example, a business deal. If you are influenced by ethical factors, you may look at whether your business practices will harm anyone, eg whether your activities will cause pollution, hurt local small business etc. You may have a policy of always paying your suppliers a fair amount, or not dealing with companies that exploit their workers.

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