What Are The Ethics Of Interpersonal Communication?


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The principles governing communication, the right and wrong aspects of it, the moral-immoral dimensions relevant to Interpersonal communication are called the ethics of Interpersonal communication.

In interpersonal communication, one person is speaking while the other person is listening. Maintaining the correct balance between the speaking and listening phases is one part of the ethics of Interpersonal communication. One of the most widely discussed ethical issues in communication is the legitimacy of fear and emotional appeal. It is difficult to determine how fear or emotions prevent certain choices. The degree of criticism and praise is another ethical matter that concerns Interpersonal communication. It is vital to maintain an appropriate magnitude of both elements during the communication. A dearth or an overdose of either of the factors could result in unfavorable consequences. Of course the principle of honesty on both sides should be completely applied because any amount of insincerity from either the listener or the speaker would not be prudent.

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