What Is Situation Ethics?


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The Utilitarian theories can be linked in with Situation Ethics because it follows on from the perspective of happiness by saying that there is no rule except to do the most loving thing. It arises from the teachings of Jesus Christ on 'loving your neighbour as yourself' and 'loving one another'.

Situation Ethics points out that Jesus broke the law when compassion was required, such as the time when the man with the withered hand was cured. Therefore, if Christ broke the rules on particular occasions, His followers (Christians) are permitted to do the same. For example, take the case of human cloning for the purposes of creating a "designer baby" to provide a perfect match for a life saving organ transplant for another sibling. Situation ethicists would say human life would be lost unless another child, with similar genetic characteristics, is created. Therefore, some forms of cloning should go ahead to provide love, compassion and help to other individuals.

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