Where Is The Sea Of Tranquility?


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The sea of tranquility (also known as Mare Tranquillitatis in Latin) is located at the following coordinates:
00.67408° N latitude and 23.47297°E.

Before you type that into your sat-nav, be warned that it might be a little difficult to drive to- because it is located on the surface of the moon!

Where is the Sea of Tranquility?
The Sea of Tranquility is best known for being the location where man first landed on the moon.

Apollo 11 landed on the moon on July 20, 1969 - four days after launching from the Earth. The experience led Buzz Aldrin to describe it as "magnificent desolation".

What is the Sea of Tranquility like?

Although the name 'sea' might suggest a body of water, in actual fact the Sea of Tranquility is nothing more than a giant plain of basalt.

The plain is marked my many lunar craters, three of which are named after the crew of that infamous Apollo 11 flight.

The craters are called Armstrong, Collins and Aldrin, and are named after the following American astronauts:

  • Neil Armstrong
  • Michael Collins
  • Edwin Aldrin
Interestingly, you can buy a piece of 'land' on the Sea of Tranquility from the Lunar Registry website- although this is more for novelty purposes.

If humans ever colonized the moon, it would be debatable whether this register would be legal and/or recognized by any future Lunar government!

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