Why Do We Need Weather?


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Stopping the earth when we are in the spring weather would mean temperatures would always remain mild and pleasant without needing to bundle up against the cold. But then the oceans would not heat up enough for us to want to go swimming. If we made it so it was always winter, things would be chilly all the time. Much of our precipitation would come down in snow, so we would be able to go sledding. Hot cocoa and warm jackets would be in high demand. But with the weather so cold, our plants would not be able to grow, and our animals would not be able to find enough food.

Summer year-round would mean we would live as if we were in a tropical climate the whole time. There are many flowering plants that thrive in the hot weather, and plants can grow without being killed by the cold. But excessive heat can cause it to get pretty dry, creating drought and wildfires. Picking the spring would probably be the safest and best season, if we only had one. But without the extremes of cold winter and hot summer, we would miss out on some of our favorite activities!

As our planet circles around the sun, it tilts on its side. This means that at different times of the year the part of the earth we are on is closer than it is at other times. The closer to the sun, the hotter our temperatures, and the farther we are, the colder. But if we could somehow freeze the distance from the earth to the sun, it would be the same temperature, and thus the same season, all the time.

All in all, every season that occurs on earth is somewhat necessary to the species’ existence.
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We need weather because the earth cannot run without it , its the earths sorce of energy  it helps the earth turn ..

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