How Did People Communicate 100 Years Ago?


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People communicated in far fewer ways than today 100 years ago, but there were a few methods, and I'll outline them a little more below:

  1. Although the telephone had already been invented, it still wasn't something that you'd find in the houses of most people, and that made it pretty useless to most.  After all, you can't call someone who doesn't have a phone themselves! Instead, people did use the telegraph at times, which is a device that used electrical signals to send transmissions of text. 
  2. Writing letters was much more common 100 years ago.  Without the internet to send emails, or mobile phones to send SMS, people had to rely on good old handwriting.  That being said, I don't imagine the postal service was quite as comprehensive as it is today!
  3. Believe it or not, messengers were often used 100 years ago to send communicate with others.  Whether this was a family member, friend, or someone you'd paid, people would deliver messages for you. 

There were probably other ways to communicate 100 years ago, but these are the best ways I know of.  I think I prefer having the ability to send someone a text message from the comfort of my home.  Saying that, though, I do enjoy receiving handwritten letters.  It seems much more personal than a load of digital letters and numbers, but maybe that's just me?!

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