What Communication Was There 500 Years Ago?


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One of the earlies ways of comunication was the smoke.

People could understand messages by smoke from very far distances. Another is light. Those were signal sent to interpret the meanings, mostly aralsm or warning.

Later on people moved on to wrighting, an walls in caves, on walls under castles to warn, to guide to tell. This comunication form is mostly used to have the information passed on to other generations.

When papirus appeared people started wrighting and sending the letter whith the messanger to far away lands that could take month to deliver.

Not sure how true it is. But history books mention about messages in the botle. I really doubt is but there is no more logical explanation of comunicating in seas.
Besides, 500 years ago is only 16th century, by that time the world has beem more or less developed in many fields.

And not to forget to mention, signs. Whith no words spoken it was understandable what is going on. For example back in those days some villages had tradition when some one dies in the family they would put a black fabric on the door. To show that family is having bad times. Based on that others would help them or simply not bother at this moment.  That is another form of comunication.

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