What Are The Effects Of Science And Technology On Human Mutual Dependence?


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Both technology and science have numerous effect on human mutual dependence, and these are both positive and negative. For instance, the huge amount of scientific inventions that have been created over the last few decades, and the last few centuries, people have become less dependent on one another. This is especially true in recent years, as the Internet has meant that not longer do people have to directly contact one another, and no longer does anybody have to technically leave their house. These days it’s incredibly easy to make a living without leaving the house, to order food without leaving the house, and to order all the necessities for a person to live without leaving.

Furthermore, workplaces may not depend on workers to supply different roles within a workforce. Instead machines and robot-esque devices are put in place to perform jobs that once required a large amount of skill from one individual. This has seen many people become jobless, but has seen businesses strive as they no longer have to pay large fees for workers to perform specialist roles.

However, you must also consider that the rise of the Internet has also meant that people from all over the world have now been able to contact each other. This means that more and more people are becoming friends, and people across the world are depending on one another for friendship, and even relationships. Whilst technology has actually distanced a lot of human kind, in some respects it has also brought everybody together.

Hence, it must be considered that the way in which modern technology is used deciphers whether or not an individual is dependent on another person, or whether they want to be distanced from other people entirely.
Technology is the application of human reason to techniques and it is fact of history that the great civilization of the past such as those of Egypt, Mesopotamia, China and India achieved high developed technology without Western Science as it is conceived today. Discuss
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Science and technology have both positive and negative effects on Human Mutual Dependence. First of all due to scientific inventions people have become less dependent on each other. Friends and family are now replaced by machines which has led to deterioration of social values as well. On the other hand, due to the same scientific inventions millions of people have become closer to each other from all around the world.

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