What Are The Limitations Of Science And Technology?


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With the help of science we can do any thing . But  there are limitations of science . With the help of science we can  only  reduce the chances of natural disasters but  we can not stop them so this is an example for limitations of science .
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They shape your view of the world in ways that aren't always helpful or life-giving.

Western "science" has given some people a sense of power over the environment. Some believe that all we need to do is splice a few genes here and there and we can build ourselves a Utopia, free of pests. Medical technology has "progressed" to the point where there are pills and operations for just about every ailment known.

Little homage is given anymore to the notion that all of life is connected, and that whatever we do somewhere has an effect everywhere else. We have so bought into the "religion" of science that we now go to great lengths to suppress alternative views. The idea that most/all "this-ease" is born in the mind and can be cured by changing one's mind is not given any credence. Once upon a time, science meant investigating anomalies, for they are the key to deeper understanding. Now, it means ignoring them as a fluke, bad data, or worse. The Inquisition is still in full force.
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What does your little diatribe have to do with the question?
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The question seemed to me to ask what limitations science and technology impose on our lives. That is what I answered, with examples. If the question is interpreted as "what keeps science and technology from developing even further than they already have?" then the answer is not terribly different. The need some folks feel to protect the turf they have means they will refuse to explore new turf. And they will seek to prevent others from doing so.
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Science can't answer questions about value. For example, there is no scientific answer to the questions, "Which of these flowers is prettier?" or "which smells worse, a skunk or a skunk cabbage?" And of course, there's the more obvious example, "Which is more valuable, one ounce of gold or one ounce of steel?" Our culture places value on the element gold, but if what you need is something to build a skyscraper with, gold, a very soft metal, is pretty useless. So there's no way to scientifically determine value.

Science can't answer questions of morality. The problem of deciding good and bad, right and wrong, is outside the determination of science. This is why expert scientific witnesses can never help us solve the dispute over abortion: All a scientist can tell you is what is going on as a fetus develops; the question of whether it is right or wrong to terminate those events is determined by cultural and social rules--in other words, morality. The science can't help here.

The first and most fundamental thing to be remembered is that enlightenment can never have a technology. By its very nature it is impossible. But the west is obsessed with technology, so whatsoever comes into the hands of the west, it starts reducing it into a technology. Technology is an obsession. For the outside world, science is a valid approach, but partial, not total; not the only approach, but only one of the approaches. Poetry is as valid as science.

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All sorts of things, can't create life! Reducing the co2 emissions to be able to create more substancial objects.
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The only limits to science and technology are those we place on ourselves.  The human brain has a limitless capacity for learning, and our imaginations have no restrictions.  
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What do you mean by, the limits that we place on ourselves?
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Limits that we place on ourselves may mean many things to each individual, but it is also self defining in itself. The individual definition is one of defining the limits that the individual places on themself.
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NONE..... If there was.... Man wouldn't have walked on moon, or even create deadly nuke's...

but there is a code of ethics that is to follow....

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There are no limits on science or technology.  Science is to study to gain knowledge.  Until we are God we will need to gain knowledge of what we don't understand.  Technology is the application of science.  Science grows and technology grows with it.

As to your idea of change ones mind...  No matter how much you change your mind it isn't going to kill that virus cell in your body and cure you.  Sorry, ain't going to happen.

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