What Are The Products Of Science And Technology?


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There are many different ways to answer this question as most of the things we use on a daily basis are a product of science and technology. Each day, you very likely to use more products of science and technology than you think and as time goes by and science and technology develops and evolves, ever more products will be developed and put to market.

Here are some different types of products of science and technology.

Items used in domestic homes frequently:
- Running water
- A flushing toilet
- Showers / baths
- A refrigerator which keeps our food and drink fresh and safe to consume
- Stoves
- Soap / shower gel / shampoo
- Light switch / light bulb
- Televisions
- Cell phones
- Cars
- Computers
- The Internet
- Kettles / coffee machines
- Radios
- Irons
- Hair dryers / curling irons / straightening irons

Things used in commercial establishments:
- Intercom systems
- Telephones
- Fax machines
- Photocopiers
- Vending machines
- Printers
- Air-conditioning systems

Products used in medical centers:
- Hospital beds
- Gauzes / bandages
- Syringes
- X-ray machines
- Medicines
- Treatments
- Electrical scanning equipment
- Laboratory equipment
- Stethoscope
- Blood pressure reader
- Thermometer

Products of science and technology can be found everywhere in our everyday lives, each room in your house is full of them, and every street you walk down you'll see many. From the second you wake up and you turn off your alarm clock, when you turn on the coffee peculator, when you get into your car, or on the train, to when you go on vacation, board a plane, enjoy the in flight entertainment, and purchase some duty free cosmetics with your credit card. Most things are a product of science and technology.
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The product of science and technology are the following it helps make life easier for the handicap person such as wheel chairs if they had not of made electric scooters to many old or crippled people would have to be pushing there own wheel chairs and if they were old with heart problems it would be straining there most vital muscle which is the heart. That was just one example it helps wit filing for schools our government and for world leaders to keep in contact with each other if you need any more examples please let me know.
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Cars. So people can get where they are going.

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