What New Skills Or Behaviors Would Make This Person Even More Effective?


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The new skills or behaviours that could make a person more effective depend on which tasks you are trying to improve their effectiveness for. For instance, training someone to be a better salesperson probably won't help their career as a paramedic, and teaching someone to fly an aeroplane isn't likely to aid the research into whether the average 18 year old is more attracted to blondes or brunettes.

There are a few exceptions, of course. Better language skills will benefit almost everyone in their daily life, whether it's at home or in the work place. More effective communication can strengthen relationships with loved ones and friends, as well as simplifying tasks at work. Communication skills are essential for effective management and leadership, and people in these professions should always be looking to improve. When it comes to examinations, a lot of people can benefit from being trained to concentrate better for longer periods of time, or to revise material more effectively that they need to know in order to succeed.

A lot of the other skills or behaviours that can make a person more effective in the workplace will depend on their work. A person whose job requires them to drive a lot would likely benefit from advanced driver training; something which is compulsory for anyone who drives an emergency response vehicle. Someone who cooks for a living could benefit from more training in a specific food style in order to keep their menu more interesting.

Whatever area the person in question works in, it is likely there are experts in the field and a wealth of material dedicated to increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Check your local library for books on the topic you are intending to improve. You can base this either on the job type your person has, or perhaps you already have a skill in mind that could use some improvement.

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