What Are Perceptual Barriers In Communication?


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These are aspects that hinder proper communication
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People in the world are not exactly alike.they differ from each other mentally and emotionally as much as they differ by temperament, appearance and physique. This difference cause a number of communication problems. There cultural, social and environmental differences also hamper the process of communication and aggregate the communication problems.
Following are the factors which affect the sender's message and the receiver's response.
1:Difference in presumption of understanding:
  Presumption of understanding depend upon the symbols
  the sender use to send the message must
  have the same meaning which the receiver has in his mind.
2:Difference in perception of reality:
  Perception of reality also vary from person to person.
  Each mental filter is different from other consequently.
3:Differences in values ,attitudes and opinions:
  The values attitudes and opinions also influence communication's own interest and attitude are important but
  more important is to keep in mind the receiver's reaction.
  Miscommunication may be due to rigid views or sender's credibility.
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Internal noise: Consists of the thoughts, feelings, attitudes, emotions and stereotypes that interfere with our perceptions of people.
Kinesics: Refers to the way we use our bodies to communicate certain messages. They include movements of the hands, body and facial expressions, often falls under non-verbal interaction. We communicate this to people unknowingly and it forms a perception of ourselves to others.
Demographics: Society relations within a population that consists of cultural values, beliefs and practices.
Stereotyping: A preconceived/over-simplified/general idea of someone or a group of people. This conditions someone from seeing individuals as being unique and different.

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