What New Skills Or Behaviors Would Make This Person Even More Effective? (Consider Today's Needs And Future Needs)


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A person in today's world, and most likely in the future, will need to be adaptable and flexible. Employers like adaptable and flexible employees. The economy requires people to have these traits in order to thrive. People should be cautious of sudden changes in the economy. The economy has obviously been unstable as of late. Those who have careers in industries that are unshakable by the economy tend to do well. Careers in the medical, agricultural, and educational fields will always be needed.

People who are able and willing to save money almost always fair better in general. Those who are friendly and approachable do better socially and within the workplace. Those who are confident and not arrogant are usually seen as being more approachable. Hardworking and charitable people attract more friends and followers than those who are stingy and lazy. Others will notice your behavior and monitor you closely. People want to live and work around people who are easily to get along with.

Technology does and will continue to play a major role in everyone's life. Those who are able to use a computer with internet, and be able to use a mobile phone to communicate will have an edge over those who don't. People who utilize positive thinking, but still remain reasonably cautious of other people and their behaviors will be more likely to maintain positive relationships without being taken advantage of.

Possessing common sense along with higher intelligence usually allows people to go further in life. Having high school/secondary school qualifications gives a person the ability to have better jobs than those who do not have qualifications. These are traits that make up an ideal person. Obviously, no one possesses every single one of these traits. Use your unique gifts and personality to excel to your maximum potential.

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