How Does Visual Impairment Affect Communication?


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Visual impairment means there is a lack of sight. For the person with a lack of sight, they are unaware of things like color. For a person trying to describe what they see to another without sight it may be hard to truly communicate everything to a perfect understanding. Instead the person describing the information to a visually impaired person needs to use the other senses to provide a concrete picture.

A person that loses their sight over time has the ability to picture things better thus limiting the challenge one has to communicate effectively. What one needs to consider is that a person without sight will want to use their other senses such as touch, taste, hearing, and smell to formulate a solid idea. A situation like this requires more creativity on the part of the one communicating to the visually impaired.

For written communication Braille can be used, but when images need to be seen as supporting documents, it is more difficult other than offering a written description of the image or raised lines for the image so that the person can use touch to imagine the image in their mind.

Overall, it should not be considered a lack when there is a visual impairment regarding communication but as a challenge to make the communication better based on providing necessary information in any way possible to be just as effective in the conversation or communication. Though there are differences, it does not mean there should be a lack in the communication.

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