What's The Communication Cycle In Health And Social Care.?/


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1.     Ideas occur: The personal idea of a person, with which he is trying to send the message.
2.     Message coded: The way that an individual puts his thoughts together with the way he is going to communicate, giving an example like:  using speech by thinking of another language and the way he is going to put it in a sentence, and also if he is going to use sign language, he has to think of what signs to use before.
3.     Message sent: It is the way the message is sent.
4.     Message perceived: The way the receiver senses the message either by hearing or watching.
5.     Message decoded: The receiver has to understand the message that the sender has just sent. This could be misunderstood easily by interpreting words differently.
6.     Message understood: At this stage the message is understood, if not the cycle has to start all over again.
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Thanks for the information, this's very helpful!
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Well, there was a communication cycle which links the health and social care. Which was a medical firm initiated to meet the society with best and perfect doctor specialist, which leads to a healthy society and healthy life.

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