What Is The Role Of Visual Aids In Business Communication? Discuss In Details.


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Visual Aids are defined as the device that assists in a presentation. These include charts, slides, power point  etc. Visual Aids are an important part of Business Communications. They are especially important as far as business presentations are concerned.

These Visual Aids have a number of advantages for the Presenter. First of all Visual Aids are portable and transportable from one place to another. They are a great tool for interaction with the audience. They look very professional in appearance and are best if the viewers are a large group. They are easy to prepare nowadays and can also be updated easily.

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Visual aids means pictures, slides, flip charts, over head projectors boards etc. Using these equipment convey our messages to our audience. 
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The visual aids in business communications make the communication more appealing and also more impressive. This is because instead of explaining through words the speaker can also give visual proofs. Some of the visual proofs include like multimedia projectors and hard copies of any distributed document etc.
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