What Are Some Drinks That Are Alkaline?


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Superior health and well being may depend on adding more alkaline elements into your daily diet. Alkaline drinks, such as fresh vegetable juices made from tomatoes and other vegetables, can help you to regulate your weight, increase your resistance to illness, and improve your endurance and strength. Some other juices that are alkaline include lemon juice, celery drinks, beet juice beverages, and drinks infused with pure maple syrup. Since these drinks are most healthy and alkaline when they are freshly prepared, without the use of preservatives, many people choose to buy juicers and other tools that help them to prepare drinks at home, from fresh produce and ingredients. However, some organic food manufacturers and other food producers do offer alkaline drinks at grocery stores and health food emporiums.

Water is the purest and simplest choice when looking for alkaline drinks - since our bodies are composed of over 70 percent water, it's vital to drink plenty of clear, clean H20 every day. Since water is technically an alkaline drink, it provides an inexpensive, practical way to stay hydrated while you follow an alkaline beverage diet. However, water will not provide you with any vitamins or calories - it may contain some healthy trace minerals. Water that is filtered to remove any parasites and harmful additives caused by pollution or other environmental factors will be the best choice for alkaline purity.

Improving your health by increasing your intake of alkaline drinks is a great way to jump-start your overall well being. To get the most out of alkaline drinks, you must avoid sugary or acidic foods in your daily diet. As well, you should make sure that you monitor caloric intake, cholesterol, and other important factors related to nutrition. When you balance your body with alkaline drinks and a holistic health plan, you'll feel stronger and happier.
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Prior to any chemical reactions in the body, almost all drinks are acidic. Even carrot juice has a pH of 6, and herbal teas from around 4-7. A pH of 7 (the pH of still water with no trace elements) is neutral. Whatever happens in the body, the answer to the question is that there are hardly any - simply because they don't taste good (imagine drinking soap).  

The majority of health food websites advertising 'alkaline' foods and drinks list foodstuffs which are acidic. There is a difference between an alkaline food, and an alkaline-forming food. This is where I think most of the posters here are getting confused. There's a pretty good list of alkalising and acidifying foods here: www.essense-of-life.com The difference is important because whilst acidic foods and drinks will corrode teeth (e.g. Orange juice), the effect on the rest of the body after digestion is alkalising.
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I wish people on this page would stop abusing scientific terms - acid and alkaline - with unscientific nonsense such as "alkaline ash", which is the concept that certain foods, although acidic, will leave after burning an ash which is measurably alkaline. What bearing the concept of "alkaline ash" foods have on the body I'll leave to the snake-oil pedlars. When you eat or drink something, it isn't burnt, it's digested, so what the ph level of the ash it leaves behind is irrelevant.

The GUEST who wrote "...you are wrong, and completely unintelligent in every way..." really needs to look at their own misunderstandings before they accuse other people of being wrong. They go on to say "Lemon, while it is indeed an acid, is not necessarily 'acidic'". Of course it's acidic! That's what the word means! Acid is the noun, acidic is the adjective. An acid is acidic.

What happens inside the digestive system after you've ingested something which is acidic is another matter. But there is no scientific evidence to back the theory that food that leaves an alkaline ash behind is somehow better for you. If you choose to set your faith in such theories, without any science behind them, then great. But don't bandy scientific terms around in support of a theory which has nothing to do with science.
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Followinf are a few alkaline drinks that you can use in acid-alkali ph balance projects.
1. Alkalive Green
2. Alkalive indigo
3. Alkalive red etc
You can get the details on the following site

Following are the list of natural alkaline drinks/juices
1.carrot juice
2. Celery juice
3.beet juice
4.lemonmaple syrup
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If Bobsmuck had bothered to do a little research, he would have found that lemon is indeed an alkaline ash producing food.  "When we refer to alkaline or acid foods here we are talking about what happens to them in the bloodstream after they have been consumed. " (www.besthealthfoodstore.net it and you'll find plenty of evidence and great  lists of foods that are good for your pH.
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Green drinks contain the ingredients which make them alkaline. Wheat grass in a drink makes it alkaline. Eating fresh squeezed lemon and water is good to drink and to hydrate and alkalize the body. Citric fruits are alkaline because of the way they digest in the body.
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Seriously? This post is ridiculous, misleading, and false. Citric fruits? They have citric ACID in them. Lemon is acidic. Green drinks are acidic. The pH is less than 7 for all three of your examples. Almost everything you eat is acidic, and if it isn't it is most assuredly neutral.
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Yeah bob, you are wrong, and completely unintelligent in every way so just leave now. Lemon, while it is indeed an acid, is not necessarily "acidic". I need a high alkaline intake because it greatly increases the bio-availability of the medications I am taking. I use wheat grass, lemon/lime drinks, water, tomato and guava juice. Guacamole is especially good because it every ingredient is alkaline except for cilantro, which is neutral.

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