What Are Some Plants That Are Under The Deep Sea?


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Given below are some of the names of sea plants:

Blue Green Coral   Giant Barrel Sponge
Plate Coral     Fir Coral
Feather Star   Tabel Coral
Giant Green Anemone   Phaeophyta
Tussac Grass   Kelp Forest
Sea Fan
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There are various kinds of plants which are present in the deep sea. These deep sea plants are very important because they provide favorable environment to sea organisms. The major category of the deep sea plants is the phytoplankton. Some examples of deep sea plants are Sea Pearl - Ventricaria ventricosa Paul Osmond, Group of Cone Algae - Rhipocephalus sp. Paul Osmond, Funnelweed - Padina gymnospora Paul Osmond, Turbinweed - Turbinaria sp. Paul Osmond, Algae covered reef in Sipidan, Malaysia Paul Osmond, and  Macrocystis pyrifera Chris Menjou etc.
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Well first look up kelp and start with that
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Sponge, Seaweed, Corals, Algae
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I'm doing research for my kids habitat project and I just discovered that coral is actually an animal.
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To grow more and stay alive
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Any assign an exact depth limit to this zone - beginning at 1000 fathoms (1828 m). However, conditions at exact depths vary from place to place, so deep water ecologist In general (but it really is location specific), that means that anything under about 600 feet (200m) is considered the deep sea. In this short biome video we discuss the deep sea while going to 2,000 feet in a home made submarine. We hope it is informative and useful as you're learning about this unique habitat.

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