How Much Square Feet Will 1 Ton Of 2b Stone Cover?


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One ton of 2b stone will cover 100 square feet of area at a 2" depth. The deeper you lay the stone, the less area you will cover. For example, at 80 square feet of space, the 2b stone will be about 4" deep.
2b stone is a clean, crushed stone about _" to 2" in size. 'Clean' means that the stone has been sifted and washed prior to being packaged for resale.  This stone can be used for driveways, decorative paths and other landscaping functions, such as the filling for French drains around the building, in place of mulch in flower beds and as a level base for sheds and other garden buildings. This stone is commonly used behind retaining walls to fill in any excess space that may be present once the wall has been completed. This decorative stone comes in a wide variety of sizes and colors. The stone could be limestone, river stone which is brown and tan, red stone and white marble.  
2b stone can be purchased at your local home and garden store in 50 pound bags or it can be delivered to your home in larger quantities. Before laying the stone you need to prepare the area it is going to cover by removing all of the grass, weeds and other organic material from the area and then leveling the dirt. While it might sound odd, you can use a level took to ensure that the area is even. Once the area has been prepared you can add the 2b stone to it in the desired thickness.
Due to the weight of the stone you may wish to consider talking to the staff at your local home and garden centre to get ideas on how to spread the stone. You can do it with a shovel or a rake but it can be time consuming.
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1 ton of 2B stone is  roughly equal to 1 cu yd.  .  It is always best to call the quarry before hand for exact measurements.

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