How Many Square Feet Will One Ton Of Asphalt Cover?


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There are a number of factors which can determine the amount of asphalt needed to cover a certain area. These factors can include the temperature of the asphalt and the surface it is set on, the size and amount of stones within the asphalt, and the size and weight of the roller. On average, one ton of asphalt can cover between 80 to 100sq feet. This is based on types of asphalt such as HL3, HL3A and HL2, which are the kinds of asphalt used on ordinary driveways.

Of course, the thickness of the asphalt you lay will determine how much land you can cover with one ton. Generally, asphalt is laid at about two inches to two and a half inches thick, which will provide between 80 and 100sq feet over coverage. However, if you choose to lay asphalt thicker than this, for example, at four inches thick, then you will get less coverage of land with one ton of asphalt - one ton laid at four inches thick will cover approximately 40 to 50sq feet of land.

Added to this is the size and weight of the roller you use to compress and spread your asphalt. A heavier roller will compress asphalt more than a lighter roller will, as it puts more pressure upon the asphalt. Using a heavier roller will therefore allow you to cover a higher number of sq feet, and will create a thinner coverage of asphalt.

Temperature is also a factor to consider when laying asphalt. If the temperature is low, asphalt becomes a thicker substance and is more difficult to spread. As a result, asphalt laid in cooler temperatures tends to cover less land and provide a thicker coverage. On the other hand, in warm temperatures, asphalt is thinner, and easy to spread over a larger surface, so asphalt laid in warm temperatures tends to be thinner and cover more ground.
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One ton  = 2000 lbs
density of asphalt is ~148 lb/ft3
thickness of pavement is assumed to be 2-inch (typical thickness) and 2-inch = .167-foot
Density  = weight / volume
volume  = area  X thickness
Area = weight / (density X thickness) = 2000 / (148 * .167) = 81 ft2


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It depends on how thick you want it.
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Approx 3in. It is foundation for some conex boxes that I am using as a Firefighter prop.
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Asphalt weighs 110 pounds/sy/in
where 1 ton = 2000 lbs
and 1 sy = 9 sf
assume a 3 inch thickness

therefore, find sf with this formula:
1 ton * 2000(lb/ton) * 9 (sf/sy) / (3in*110/sy-in) = 54.54 sf
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At 3 inches deep and 2000 sf it would take 37.04ton of asphalt
as the formula goes 2000sf /9/18x3= 37.04 ton

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