How Much Will 1 Cubic Yard Of Mulch Cover?


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When you are trying to determine how much area one cubic yard of mulch will cover, it is important to take into consideration other factors. You will want to look at how deep you plan to have the mulch and the actual mulch itself. There are different textures of mulch and each of them has a different density. These factors will determine how deep you layer the mulch in your area and the depth will be the deciding factor on the amount of space that can be covered.
Generally, people choose to keep their mulch at levels somewhere between two and four inches deep. The standard level is three inches deep. The finer the mulch is, the lower the depth will need to be. A fine mulch can be kept between two and three inches deep and be fine. Coarser mulch will need to be kept at a higher depth. You will want this level closer to four inches.
One cubic yard of mulch is equal to twenty-seven cubic feet. The depth that you want to keep the mulch in the area you are covering will determine the square footage that the cubic yard of mulch can cover. If you want a deeper mulch of around four inches then you will only be able to cover eighty-one square feet with one cubic yard of mulch. If you opt to have your mulch at three inches deep then you can cover one hundred and eight square feet with the same amount. For two inches of depth you with be able to increase your coverage to one hundred and thirty-five square feet.

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