What Chemical Make Rain Acidic,and How Does It Happen?


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Chemicals like nitrogen,sulphur and carbon make the rain acidic.when the pollution from the vehicles and other places mix with the water vapour the rain drops become acidic in nature.
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An acid rain is type of rain which is acidic. Acid rain is caused by sulfur and nitrogen compounds which react in the atmosphere to produce acid. Emission of sulfur and nitrogen in atmosphere is practiced by human. Acid rain has wet or dry acidic components. Unpolluted rain has pH of about 5.2, because CO2 and H2O react in water to form carbonic acid.
H2O  + CO2  → H2CO3
This carbonic acid ionizes in water to form low concentration of (H3O+) hydronium ions. This increase in acidity is due to air pollutants like sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides. These pollutants are result of industrialization. Naturally, volcanoes and biological processes on lands  and oceans, release acid producing gases in the atmosphere.
Acid rain has bad effects on soil, freshwater and forests, kill insects and damage human health and buildings.

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Acid Rain is basically a kind of rain or any form of precipitation which is usually acidic. Acidic rain is harmful for plants, aquatic animals and overall infrastructure.

Acid Rain is caused by human emissions of sulfur and nitrogen compounds. These compounds react in the atmosphere to produce acids. Unpolluted rain has a slightly acidic PH of 5.2. Whereas the acidic rain has reacted with primary air pollutants which are caused by industrial power generating plants and vehicles.
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Acid Rain

Acid rain mostley comes from the black triangle. This is because in the black traingle not a lot of people live and most industry's are build there. Because of all the smoke the indstries produce all the bad particles get into the air and from clouds. When these clouds rain it produces Acid rain.

It can cause :

Tree's to die
It ruines statues's
It can cause health problem's

More information?
Look up the Black triangle
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Acid rain is caused by human polution. Industries, trucks, fires and human waist all contribute to acid decomposition. The gases produced are relased through acid gas, acid rain and acid snow. It slowly destroys plants, soil and drinking water making animal habitats dangerous and not live-able. Animals die or have to move. Buildings slowly cruoid and it also causes health problems. To stop acid rain we will have to reverse golbal warming :)
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God decided one day to make lemonade, and spilled the lemon juice, an acidity of ph2, and made acid rain.

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