What Does Acid Rain Do ?


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Acidic Rain is a kind of rain that is acidic in nature and is extremely harmful for plants and animals. It is caused by human emissions of sulfur and nitrogen.

Acid rain causes damage to fish and other aquatic animals. This is because it causes lower PH and higher aluminum concentrations in surface water. It is known for elimination of fish and insect life such as brook trout.

It also affects the quality of soil. Some microbes can not tolerate changes to low PH and are killed in the process. It also affects the forests and vegetation. Acid rain is also thought to be the cause of premature deaths and illnesses such as cancer.

It is also known to cause damage to building materials and historical monuments. The sulfuric acid in rain reacts with calcium compounds in the stones. Gypsum is created in the process that flakes off.
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It harms the plants and animals

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