Two Reasons Why Scientists Are Important?


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Two reasons why scientists are important is that they discover important drugs and medicines which can prove to be lifesaving, and they explain the causes and reasons for disasters and catastrophes on the Earth.

Along with these two reasons, there are many other reasons why scientists are important, for example:

• To test claims to improve validity of them so they are more commonly agreed on.
• They're constantly updating research to increase reliability and to discover new things or changes shown in previous research.
• Neuroscientists are discovering chemicals in the body which may be related to disorders such as Schizophrenia.
• They study genetics which can help with diagnosis, treatment, prevention and even cures for illness.

There are hundreds of types of scientists, including biologists, pharmacists, physicists, psychologists, toxicologists and many others. They all study different things as science is a very broad topic.

Without scientists we would have little understanding of the world and the functions particular things perform.

However there is some controversy about scientists and the particular issue of animal testing. Despite animal testing helping to discover lifesaving treatments and drugs, many animal activists are against testing on animals both cosmetically and for development of drugs etc. Despite this, animal testing is still legal however activists have helped to improved conditions for the animals involved in the tests and greater care is given to them.

Throughout history, there has been many great scientists including Sir Isaac Newton who first explained gravity and the three laws of motion, Charles Darwin who's theory of natural selection changed science radically, Albert Einstein, a Physicist which received a Noble Prize Award for his contribution to Physics, and lastly Thomas Edison a great inventor which discovered such things as the microphone and the electric light bulb. Without these scientists the world would not be as advanced as it is today.
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