How Do I Plant And Maintain Hyacinth Mylar?

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The Hyacinth Mylar is a beautiful spring flowering bulb that is loved for its intense colors and lovely fragrance. No garden is complete without a hyacinth as their regal appearance make them a must-have for any professional landscaper. They come in a wide variety of colors such as yellow, white, and baby blue. This is also a great plant for indoors as well since it flowers just as easily as it does outdoors.

If you want to get the best out of your hyacinth mylar, plant it in the fall about six to eight weeks before a frost is expected. The temperature of the soil should be below sixty degrees Fahrenheit when planting. In the northern states this is usually from September to October and in the southern states from October and November. You'll want to chose a site with plenty of sunshine that drains well for planting.  Prepare the soil by using a garden fork or tiller to loosen the soil as deep as fifteen inches. When you loosen the soil be sure to mix in about two to four inches of compost for fertilization. Now dig a hole about six inches in depth and set the bulb in the hole with the pointed end up. Cover it with soil and water them immediately after planting. Make sure to set then at least six inches apart if you are planting more than one.

Make sure and keep your hyacinth watered during any dry periods in the fall months. After they have flowered in the spring cut back on the stalks but allow the leaves to die a natural death. Compost should be added on an annual basis, but since most hyacinths flower less brilliantly every year, many professional landscapers treat them as an annual plant and use new bulbs every year.
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My husband just bought me a Hyacinth / Mylar and I was wondering what the plant required as far as sunlight and water. Currently it is inside and I am looking to buy a nice pot for it and keep in my screen room. I amy trying to learn more of these plants so that it may allow me to maintain a lot of them. They are all beautiful but I usually end up killing them so all the help I can do so I can get my much wanted green thumb would be appreciated
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Does this plant grow well in the midwest due to freeze and frost conditions?
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Mylar plant is a bulbous herb from the Hyacinthaceae family and is native to the eastern Mediterranean region which includes Iran and Turkmenistan. I have planted my forced hyacinths in my garden too. I have found over the years that they revert to the species with loose heads of blooms. They just required ample sunlight and water.

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