My Hyacinth/mylar Is Wilted. How Do I Save It?


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Firstly, cut off the dead flowers and feed it with nutrients in the soil to provide food for the next year’s flowers. Begin the separation process late in the growing season, when the plant's flowers have wilted and fallen off. The green foliage should still remain. Water the soil which is around the day before they are to be separated, in order to soften the soil. Insert a garden spade into the soil 6 in from the plant the next day.

Continue cutting into the soil with the spade, cutting a circle around the hyacinth. Lift the clump of bulbs out of the soil. Brush off loose soil from the clump by hand. Break the clumps into three to four smaller, workable sections. Remove loose roots and throw them away. Break apart smaller clumps further by separating the individual bulbs, and remember to leave immature bulbs attached to larger bulbs undisturbed. They will mature later and can be separated for use in a future season.

Discard the smallest bulbs and any loose foliage, and save the biggest bulbs. Finally, replant them in your preferred location.

In the future, ensure that the flowers have enough water and sunlight. In this way, photosynthesis will be stimulated, and energy will be converted by the chlorophyll in the plant’s leaves. Mylar is a polyester film which is the trade name for the chemical BoPET, and will reflect about 98 per cent of the light that hits it. You should put it on the walls around your plants to reflect wasted light back to the plants to increase such photosynthesis.

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