When And How Do You Plant Anemones?


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Before planting anemones you are required to buy the bulbs of anemone and you have to take care even in this point of time. You should make sure that the seeds are dry and you should see to it that you have not bought the bulbs that are with mold.

The season that is considered as the best to plant the bulbs of anemone is autumn and the most immediate care that needs to be taken is that you should not plant it in the shape like upside down.

Another thing that needs to be taken care is called the pre-treatment. For pre-treatment you need to follow following method: First of all you are required to plant them in the manner of vermiculite and allow them to absorb the moist that is prevailing in the air. This process should be done for two days and water should not be given during the period. You can continue doing the process in gradual manner and after spraying it for a while you can plant them in soil.

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