How Can I Properly Identify Precious And Semi-precious Stones Found In My Back Yard?


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Will Martin Profile
Will Martin answered
It can be very difficult to identify stones - even jewellers find it difficult sometimes - but this guide may help you eliminate some possibilities. The best links to click on are the ones to descriptions of different colour stones.

Also, if you go to Google images and type in the name of a particular stone, in many cases you will then get access to photographs which should also help you. Best of luck.
laurence wright Profile
laurence wright answered
I live in an area that has a lot of sapphire, how I have found stones that are quality you will find especially sapphire is cold when placed in the mouth, also the crystal formation gives it away and colour, if you can shine a light such as a bright led into it you should see through it and weight is another, all stone is tested by weight or specific gravity

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