What Are The Steps To Make A Volcano?


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We made a volcano last week it was cool.. My daughter is in the 6th grade she got a A+ and we had fun doing it..
We took a hard poster board, empty 2 liter bottle hot glued it to the poster board. Then took some news paper rolled in balls glue it to the bottle to form a little shape.. The we took plaster of paris mixed it and covered the news paper and bottle with the plaster.. You can also do the paper mache with flour and news paper instead of the plaster of paris.. We let it dry for a few hours then spray painted it with brown paint let it dry then sprayed it with sealant.. Then the fun part we tested it out.. It was a active volcano lol we took some baking soda, vinegar and red food coloring.. Put the baking soda in the bottle, mix the red food coloring with the vinegar.. Then pour the vinegar into the bottle.. It WILL make a mess so be prepared lol

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