Why are precious metals now all alone as the only forms of sound money that are truly safe havens?


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Because precious metals such as gold,silver and platinum have always been regarded as safe-haven fiat currencies that will weather any crisis, hold their value and be a valuable asset to a portfolio investment.In financial meltdown scenarios with hyperinflation where paper money will become worthless, metals either as coinage or bullion will the safest and wisest option.They are a solid hedge fund in any armageddon financial crisis.
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Joseph Michael Wasik
Maybe I heard wrong, but didn't Obama make it illegal for people to buy Gold Bullion? How about silver bullion
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That's just OTC bullion you're referring to.
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Because they last and are honored any and everywhere more than our paper money, but don't get the metal in huge bars or chunks, keep to coin size as easier to carry and conceal

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