What Are The Objectives Of Business Communication?


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The Basic Objectives are:
1. Is to convey the right message to the right person
2. Is to coordinate the activities of different persons engaged in running a business to develop good industrial relations.
3. Is to help managers to understand human behavior at work.
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Effective business communication coherently, accurately, and efficiently conveys the core meaning of your intended message. Business managers use effective communication skills to demonstrate the benefits of their product or service while hoping to answer as many questions the receiver of the message might have without them having to ask them. This effectively limits the number of misunderstandings and the need for clarification.

In many cases individuals need to learn how to improve communication skills in a business context because while there are always parallels between communication in particular contexts, there are unique aspects to business communication. For instance, the formality of the communicative context often plays a larger role in business interaction.
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To inform
to educate
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The core objective of Business Communication (subject / course) is to enhance the communication skills of business group at a professional communication level to increase the productivity. Other objectives are:
1. To understand the importance of effective communication in a business setting.
2. To understand and utilize the basic forms (e-mail, memos, letters, informal and formal reports, and informal and formal presentations) that are used in effective business communication.
3. To write well-organized and effective business memos, letters, and reports.
4. To reinforce and further develop presentation skills in order to deliver professional presentations.
5. To understand and use computer-aided communication including e-mails and presentation software.
6. To work effectively in a team to improve communication skills and to prepare and present group projects.
7. To polish standard English skills used in writing and speaking to enhance professional communication

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