What Is The Main Goal Of Business Communication?


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The main goal of a company
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The main goal of business communication is to influence, to control our audience's responses in the way we had intended, so that we can fulfill certain aims for ourselves and our organizations. Effective business communication, of course, results in our eliciting the response we desire both in the short term, such as having our audience obey an order, and in the long term, such as having our audience continue to follow the spirit of the policy. Secondary goals such as self-expression, social relationships, and career advancement also involve producing change in knowledge, attitude, or action. With all these complicated variables going on in the communication process, no wonder communication is imperfect.

As a business example of this imagine everyone in a company receiving a copy of the annual report. An accountant may concentrate only on one footnote in the financial statement; a sales person may look at nothing but the marketing charts; and a public relations officer may respond only to the quality of the brochure itself. Each reader received the same data; each reader perceived them differently.
So communications tend to influence different due to different perception of people working in the same organization.

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