Does Cut Flowers Last Longer In Sugar Or Salt Water?


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Sugar as it give more nutrients put you need to change the solution every couple of days to get the best results
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Cut flowers last longer in a mixture of both salt and sugar water. The salt helps kill bacteria uncloggin the xylem so water can enter it. The sugar will somehow subtitute the glucose the plant produces during photosynthesis. Both mixed together will help the plant better than sugar water alone or salt water alone
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flowers have different nature.Cut flowers live longer in a mixture of salt and sugar water and you also use hot water for better result.

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Depends what kind of flower
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They last longer in sugar water
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Sugar encourages the growth of stem clogging bacteria, therefore the flower cannot take in water. And salt speeds up the death of the flower. So my answer would be do not put either of these substances in with your flowers. However if you only want to know which way they will DIE fastest, i would say salt.

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