Does Salt Or Sugar Affect Water Evaporation?


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If you add salt to water it raises the boiling point, which slows down the rate of evaporation. The difference however is small. Sugar can also have a very small effect in this way, simply because adding anything to water will cause it to boil later.
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YES.  Salt lowers the vapor pressure because it takes up space at the surface, thus impeding the escape of water molecules, without impeding the collection of water molecules from the surroundings.  Under sufficiently high humidity conditions and sufficiently high salt concentrations, the salt water will gain water from the atmosphere, i.e. A negative evaporation rate.
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According to the chemical knowledge, sugar and salt, the evaporation of water is the same. Will lower the boiling point of water.
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No not at all coz when you boil saline water you will find that salt will remain in the container this proves that water doesn't carry any material with it

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