What Would Happen If The Moon Disappeared?


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We would be in very serious trouble. Apart from missing something
beautiful, we would have seriously reduced tides, by almost two-thirds.
The tide cycles are important for the sustaining of various kinds of
life along earth's shores, and tides create important currents that
help sustain much of the sea life we have living today. Even worse, the
moon has helped to regulate and stabilize earth's rotation on its axis.
In the long term, earth's tilt would go haywire, due to tugs and pulls
by the sun and the other planets. The seasons as we know them would
shift and change with disastrous results. At some point, earth's axis
may even become close to coplanar with the ecliptic-- the poles would
point directly toward the sun a couple of times per year. If the moon
disappeared, there's no doubt that the consequences would be dire.
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With no moon, we would have no tide. The moon also stabilizes the earth's rotation on it's axis. This rotation coincides with our seasonal changes. No telling what would happen without the moon and the part it plays in keeping us from spinning out of control.....that may be a slight exaggeration, but it definitely plays a very important roll in our every day life.
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The moon has a great deal of impact on the earth. One of the least obvious but most significant contributions from the Moon to life on Earth has been the gift of workable metal deposits at the surface of the planet. Additionally, as mentioned above, shifts in the axle tilt would led to significant & rapid changes in the Earth's climate due to changes in insolation values at the poles and equator. Finally, the most obvious influence of the Moon on the Earth are the ocean tides, particularly the spring tides where the gravitational pull of the Sun and Moon combine to give the greatest effect.
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Poof! It's gone? Major shock from mucking about with interacting gravity. Poof! Something is added? Major shock again.

I'm guess that Poof! Gone! Shock would be less than the Poof! There! Shock.

What if we didn't have a moon? We'd still have tides from the sun, but they wouldn't be as great. I saw the statistic 47% of tide is from the sun's gravity.

Relative to axial tilt and distance from the sun, that's not cosmic-ly constant anyway. The Earth is currently closer to the sun when the northern hemisphere is in winter, but it was the other way around during at least some of the ice ages. Such is a regular cycle over millions or billions of years.

With the Poof!-no moon! Would the force and/or momentum of the moon's movement be Poof! Added to that of Earth? Or would Earth just suddenly not have a whirl-around partner in its orbit? If the momentum was added, Earth might move further from the sun. If it only had its own momentum, it might be imagined as more likely to continue much as before.
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I really don't think the moon will disappear but if it did it probably would affect Earth but since things don't just disappear if might get broken into many peaces and come to earth but it will probably disintegrate in earths atmosphere.

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