What Are Diamonds Used For?


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Besides jewelry, diamonds are used for industrial purposes. It is used to cut and
polish other materials, including other gemstones. It is also used as
coating for files and semiconductor coatings for microchips and
computer processors.

The diamond industry is also significantly important for economic trading.
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20% of diamonds are used for jewellery. The other 80% are used
for presents, investments, grinding and other things like that.
Diamond dust is used to cut rare and valuable gemstones.
The only thing that can cut a diamond is diamond its self!!!
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The best use of diamond is to making jewelry. Kasturi diamond gives real diamond jewelry online for everyone.

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Good afternoon, diamonds and jewelry are a thing that is worth the strong to create. I work for Madestones and we make custom diamonds in the lab and later make custom jewelry out of them. We have been in the diamond and jewelry-making market for a long time. All this I say to the fact that we can personally give you a tour of our company and show you the creation of diamond jewelry. Of course, we will not reveal some secrets, but you will still understand the big picture.

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Most diamonds found are used for  jewlery such as RIngs , Bracelet's crowns , and tiara's.
Other ( normally not as apeling to the eye ) diamonds are used for industries that make cutting tools to get through hard metals and for polishing hard metals . ^^ wow I am smart :)
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Diamonds are forever according to a famous song of the all time, diamonds are used purposely for parties used as jewel and accessories by the elite and royal members of the society, t is really elegant and glamorous....some diamonds are decorations or those in auctions through public and private bidding, diamonds are highly impressive and sometimes seductive
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Diamonds can be used on tools .....such as diamond-tipped blades ... It makes the blade sharper , stronger and and much more durable .....
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Diamonds are used for variety of purposes as a form to jewelry to enhance the beauty of the wearer also in diamond cutting tools for cutting other diamonds.
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They are used for 20% jellerly and the rest for industry's like cutting tools and polishing hard metal and videodisc needles

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