What Are Springs Used For?


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Springs are used for beds,sofa's,trampolines and all sorts off things
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Spring is a flexible object that we use to store mechanical energy and is usually made of steel.

There are numerous uses that this flexible object offers and if we count the machines where it is used we will end up citing the names of almost all the machines.

Motorcycles are one of the objects that every youngster craves for and when he is taking his bike on a rural road, it is the shocker that saves him from getting a backache. The shocker is a kind of spring that absorbs all the pressure on itself and saves the rider from any possible problem. And it is not only bikes but all the four-wheel vehicles also have springs as their shock-absorber.

This use is only of vehicles but spring plays vital role in many of the machines also like tube-wells and seats of cycles.
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Spring is a flexible object that we use in are every day lives e.g. Cars,pens,beds ect

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