How Many Inches In 2 Cubic Feet?


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3,456. This is the answer although you can't really mix measurements and so this procedure involves converting the inches to cubic inches; as you can't really do the sum with standard inches and cubic feet (to the best of my knowledge anyway).

There are two ways you can work this out, either by using a conversion chart; which is most definitely the most straight forward way as it gives you the straight forward answer with no working out or, by using a fairly straight forward sum to work out the answer.

For the first method, there are many websites online with conversion charts here is a link to just one of these sites; In terms of working the answer out using a sum, you would need to do the following. One cubic foot is the equivalent of 12 cubic inches. So basically all you need to do is work out what 12 cubed is (which will give you one cubic foot) and then times this by two (to give you two cubic feet).

So, it would look like this:

12 X 12 = 144 X 12 = 1728 (this is the answer for one cubic foot)

1728 X 2 = 3456 (this gives you the answer for two cubic feet)

Converting any cubic inches into cubic feet can be done using this same theory; however I have never come across a sum which allows you to combine standard inches with cubed feet so hopefully this will help.
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Nobody really even tried to answer this question, which I realize is very old. I am going to assume the question is: "how big is a cube that has a volume of two cubic feet?" (At least, that is what I wanted to know, which eventually led me to just finding the cube root of 2).Tthe answer to that question is that it would be a cube that is roughly 1.26 ft x 1.26 ft x 1.26 ft. Not that anyone even cares.
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5feet 4inches
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1 foot = 12 inches.

2 feet = 24 inches.

Cubic feet is unit of 3 dimension. And square feet is the unit of 2 dimension. These two cannot be compared.
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