How Many Square Feet In 1.5 Cubic Feet?


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The formula for square feet is simply length times width, whereas you add depth or height as an extra dimension, thus cubing a square. To convert a square to a cube, multiply the square foot value by the height or depth of the desired measurement. Thus, to get from 1.5 cubic feet, you need to know the third dimension, and only then will the calculation be completed. Two unknowns make it difficult to discover: Algebraically the sum is xy = 1.5; by knowing one unknown (height) one can divide 1.5 by the known unknown to get the other. A lot of products are advertised in such a way as to make prominent its cubic footage as a key feature. This can flatter to deceive; a product may not appear as large when you view it in front of you as opposed to its measurements on a piece of paper. A cubic foot is equivalent to 1728 cubic inches, and is roughly a twenty-seventh of a cubic yard, or three-hundredths of a cubic metre. One can fit just over 28 litres in one cubic foot of space. It is best to go to a hardware or DIY store to see three-dimensional objects for yourself.
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So is that 1200 feet total

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