What Are Five Examples Of Communication Media?


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Five examples of communication media are as follows:

• Newspapers / magazines
• Websites
• Television
• Social networks
• Phone apps

Newspapers and magazines are the most traditional of communication media and has been around for over 100 years. Newspapers and magazines play a vital role in informing their readers with the latest news and topics. Many readers will stick with one newspaper or magazine and so the loyal audience they receive can be constantly addressed.

Websites are a newer example of communication media and can be argued to be even more influential than newspapers and magazines. Websites have the distinct advantages or being able to be constantly updated and also allow interaction with their readers via comments.

Television and more accurately TV news channels is another example of communication media. Like websites, rolling news channels can be constantly updated and viewers can text or email in their comments or questions about a certain story.

Social networking is the newest form of communication media and looks like being the most influential in years to come. Websites like Facebook.com and Twitter.com are now being used by most high-profile media companies that want to get their message across.

Phone apps for smartphones such as the iPhone are also becoming an example of communication media. Companies can offer an app for free or a small fee that will keep the user updated on new products, news or latest offers.
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