What Are Different Types Of Media Used For Communication?


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Communication is key in the world today and there are more forms available than ever before. The most common forms of media used for communication are:

• Print media
This form of media encompasses newspapers, magazines and leaflets. Print media is one the most popular and successful ways of communicating facts to people. Newspapers are used to provide people with news of the events that are happening throughout the world, and are vital to some people receiving information. Magazines provide facts, normally on specialist subjects, and these are useful to people with specific interests. Leaflets are useful for communicating business products and ideas to a mass marketplace. This information is printed and advertises the products to the potential customers.

• Broadcast media
Broadcast media generally covers radio and television, and this is an instant form of media, as the events that are talked about can be more up to date than they are in the printed media. The news on television can be updated on a minute-by-minute basis and this is now the case with rolling 24-hour news channels in most countries, relaying news as it breaks to the general public.

• Social media
Social media is media that is sometimes overlooked. This form of media involves word of mouth and its increase in recent years is down to social networking sites such as Facebook, although this can also fall under the rubik of electronic media.

• Electronic media
This type of media is more common since the advent of the Internet. The Internet is as instant as broadcast media, and most newspapers and television channels now have their own Internet sites that enable them to update information as it happens. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Tagged can also fall into this type of media.
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Print, Social, Electronic, Broadcast media.

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