Where Are Glaciers Found Today?


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If you ever make it to Colorado, there's one you can drive to, on top of Mt. Evans. Other than that, you can see it in any mountain range where glaciation formed the geology, as long as you get high enough. The Sierra Nevada and Rockies in the US are good examples.

Check out map.ngdc.noaa.gov for an interactive glacier viewer.
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Glaciers can still be found all over the world. Not just because of altitude, they are melting at an alarming rate though because of global warming. There is one in Portage Alaska that you used to be able to drive right up to, but you can't do that anymore, it's melted back about 3/4 of a mile now, and if you want to see it, you have to ride the boat out to it.
You can go to www.wikipedia.org to read about them, and even see a few pictures. Hope this helps.
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Check out this website about glaciers.

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The history channel has some good info on its web site /polar ice caps/greenland/north pole/south pole

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