The Distance Between The Earth And Ozone Layer?


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The Ozone molecules which concentrated mainly between altitudes of 15 to 35 Kilometres above the Earth, where the umbrella of Ozone Layer absorbs the harmful ultraviolet radiation emitting from the Sun and facilitate life giving source of Solar energy to the planet Earth. But over the past half-century, humans have placed the Ozone Layer in jeopardy. Un-knowingly humans have released into atmosphere, chemicals that are destroying part of the Ozone Layer and thus upsetting the delicate balance established by the nature. Thickness of ozone layer is not a fixed quantity.
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Its about 15km
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The distance between the Earth and Ozone Layer is 16 to 48 km.
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There are a several atmosphere layers of the earth consist of troposphere, stratosphere and ozone layer. The ozone layer is meant to keep life protected from the radiations emerged from sun as they affect life if they fall directly on the earth. As far as the distance of ozone layer from the earth is concerned, this is about 90 km.

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