What Is The Importance Of Time In Our Society?


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Time is the most important thing in this world. As the old saying goes " Time and tide never waits for some one". We can't stop time if we could stop time, we'd be able to stop any thing in this world. We should know how important time is and care for every second that passes. Most of the times we think that there is loads of time left to do something, this may involve us in other activities and this is exactly where we forget the importance of time. The best way to care for our life is to care for time.
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All activities we engage in have a time element to them. Time is what gets us to the proper place to participate in scheduled activity. It is very important to employers who need their staff together to accomplish company goals. We would just wander aimlessly though life, without a schedule which specifies time. Our whole life is ordered by it, from when we get up to when we go to sleep. When we should be working and when we have time to play. Most activities require that they take place at a certain time. Time is very important especially in our busy world today.
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Time is very important, and it is always a question of time in our society. But I think that time is a line of moments. Therefore, if matter move faster than the light, it could get stuck in a moment, when other moments are moving on without it. Then we have a logical way to go back in time. Thats kinda cool, because if people in the future can do this, can they go back to our time, and change mistakes, like all that contamination. Maybe I am to far away from the question, but I think you can use this :D

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