What Are The Importance Of Chemistry To Our Society?


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An easy answer is to this question is to say that chemistry is important because everything is made from chemicals. And, despite its obvious nature, this answer is still very true. Chemical reactions between foods and heat occur in cooking. When brushing your teeth or bathing, you want the best chemical substances to help you stay clean and hygienic. When buying a car, you want the most economical engine that will do the minimum amount of damage to the environment. When using heat stylers on your hair you want to limit the damage by using a heat protection product, or when applying make-up on your face, you want long lasting coverage that won't cause break outs. All of these things on the wish-list of the modern generation are made possible by knowledge of what chemistry is and how chemistry works.

Chemistry is also vital to our society because of its impact upon our knowledge of good health, and our maintenance of it. When applying to study medicine, applicants are expected to have a thorough knowledge of chemistry before even beginning their degree. Chemistry is vital for the study and development of medicine as it allows us to find out how illnesses and diseases can be cured with minimal effects on the patient. Chemistry can help us to prevent pain and live longer, happier, healthier lives.

Chemistry has been around for thousands of years, which can be seen in the way the ancient Egyptians, and even the Aztecs, extracted metal from ores, created paints and dyes and made glass. This gives us an insight into chemistry of the future - unlike other fields of expertise, chemistry evolves and changes to keep up with the needs and desires of the people who use it. It will never become a "useless" or "worthless" practice, and for this reason, chemistry is important to our society, and to our future.
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Chemistry has played a very important role in our life. It has contributed a lot towards the well being of mankind in the form of food, clothing, shelter, medical treatment and in providing entertainment facilities. A variety of chemical fertilizers are being manufactured in thousands of industries everyday. Mass production of commodities is amazing, which save people from starvation. Crops are being protected by using pesticides. Food processing factories are working day and night for preparing refined food. The production of a variety of artificial fibres has brought a revolution in our clothing. We owe colourful and fine dresses for all seasons to chemistry.Cement, iron, bricks, glass, etc. used in the construction of our houses are the result of our knowledge of chemistry.

The attractive and colourful paints are available in the market are used to make the houses all the more beautiful. Polyester fibre, fibre glass, multicolour glass, glass crockery, tiles, steel and alloys of different materials are all miraculous products of chemistry. The modern life has got another aspect as well. The smoke emitting from chimneys of chemical industries and increasing number of auto-mobiles producing pollutant gases, are responsible for damaging our environment. Moreover, waste water coming from chemical industries is often saturated with dangerous chemicals and causes immense danger to land, canals and rivers.
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Chemistry is the integral part of society and enviroment.The most substance we use in our daily life is directly or indirectly involves chemistry.The battery we use in torch ,music player etc are working by the principle of electrochemistry.The soap we use to bath is formed by the esterificaion of fatty acid with a base like Na OH.These are all the good things of the chemistry.But as the nature of human beings we are mostly wanted to use the destructive part of the chemistry,so we produced war gas,nuclear bombs etc.The principle of nuclear bombs can be used for peace full purposes like generating electricity ,now we are facing in electricity shortage.
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Chemistry is very important in our society because without the knowledge of chemistry we cannot determine that the food that we are eating is expired,we do not know how to analyze the composition of certain substances,to formulate new products and develop better manufacturing processes.
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Chemistry is such an important branch of science that has played a very important role in our society . Chemistry has been playing its role for the first day of life indeed we all are made of chemical components which are our basic need such as water , different metal , metallic and non-metallic compounds .

* It has given us a way to explain our material world .

* Today people have prolonged their lives using medicine i.e. They can live rather healthy and rely on medicines , drugs and vaccines from birth till death

* A number of things indeed all the things we used today are a gift of chemistry , in fact chemistry has made our standard of living higher as it has given better chemical fertilizers , better fibres for clothes , better food to eat and much more .

*The fundamental ideas of chemistry are not only used by the chemists but physists , biologists , engineers , medical doctors , farmers etc.


chemistry is very vital to our day to day lives since we depend on the knowledge of chemistry to our to survive.

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