What Are Some Examples Of Physics In Everyday Life?


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Physics is the branch of science concerned with the movement of matter through space and time.

It is related to everything from gravity, energy, and force, through to the very nature of the universe itself.

Based on this definition, everything around us can be linked to physics, either directly or indirectly.

Examples of physics in our everyday life?
Anything that involves motion is related to physics - and this includes all the following daily activities:

  • Running for the bus
  • Walking to school
  • Waving to friends
  • Throwing a paper airplane
  • Using a bow and arrow
  • Dropping a water balloon from a third-storey window
Anything that uses energy also falls into the category of physics, such as:

  • Turning on a TV
  • Microwaving last night's mac and cheese
  • Powering up your PC to log on to and read this answer
  • Dropping a hydrogen bomb on a rogue nation
Everything in the world is made up of atoms and, because physics involves the study of matter, it can be said that everything we know is linked to physics in one way or another.

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